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Referral offers and deposit bonus - 24 February, 2017

Our TOP plans are the 700% and the 800% right now and we're going to give a new offer to you if you deposit to your account and invest in these plans until the end of February. 

You will receive 
5% bonus on new deposited investments in 700% plan,
10% bonus on new deposited investments in 800% plan.

And we're giving a little extra to our promoters too. For these plans we're giving 10% referral bonus until the end of February.


New plan - 4% daily forever! - 24 February, 2017

We created a new plan for the investor, who like daily plans and wants to earn better profit than with our 1% plan. The min. investment is $200 but the profit is lot higher! This plan will be available until the the end of February and you will only able to invest 2 times to this plan.

If you will add new deposit to your account and invest it to this new plan, you will receive 5% bonus from us until the end of February.

I hope you will like this new plan.



Referral contest - 21 February, 2017

Dear Members!

We're starting a referral contest from now until 15th of March! The first 5 member, who invites the most active member to our program will win:
#5 wins $10
#4 wins $20
#3 wins $30
#2 wins $50
#1 wins $100

Just start to invite new investors, receive commissions and win the contest.



Offer until 20th of February - 16 February, 2017

We're giving 15%-20% deposit bonus to all investors  who adds $1000-$10000 deposit and invests it to any monthly or 100 days offer until 20th of February. 
Contact us before investment!


WEEKEND OFFER - 10% deposit bonus - 11 February, 2017

This week we had some problem with our site scripts, but we had no any problem with our trading robot. We generate enough profit to give you 10% deposit bonus to the 700% and 800% plans.

If you'd like to invest more than $5000 to any plan, contact us for bonus offers!


New bonus offer - 07 February, 2017

Add funds to your account in the next 2 days, invest it into the 700% or 800% plans and we'll give you 20% bonus.

2 days 20% extra earnings! Invest now!


Perfect Money available from now! - 03 February, 2017

Some of our members asked us to create new payment accounts to accept investments. We're investing in BitCoin, so our first job was that we had to find a good exchanger with low fees. We found one for Perfect Money, so from now, you can invest with PM too.

Don't forget about deposit bonus offers, what are available for Perfect Money payments too! 

"Available until 5th of February.
Monthly A - 5% bonus
Monthly B - 10% bonus
Monthly C - 15% bonus
700% plan - 15% bonus
800% plan - 20% bonus"


Deposit bonuses until 5th of February - 01 February, 2017

A new month started, so new deposit bonuses are available from now until 5th of February.

Monthly A - 5% bonus
Monthly B - 10% bonus
Monthly C - 15% bonus
700% plan - 15% bonus
800% plan - 20% bonus


$1000 salary for the best promoters - 29 January, 2017

Invite min. 100 active investors (active investor invested to one of our plans and reinvests the principal) to receive $1000 salary every month.

Contact for more info if you're interested!


WEEKEND OFFER - 10% deposit bonus - 28 January, 2017

This weekend every investor, who invests more than $100, receives 10% deposit bonus to his investment.
We have extra offers for +$1000 investors, so contact us for more infos!


Exclusive offers will available until the end of February - 24 January, 2017

The exlusive plans will be available until the end of February because many members wnats to invest more in these.
These plans are for the long therm investors. who like to make bigger profit.
We have extra offers for +$1000 investors, so contact us for more infos!


700% and 800% profit - EXCLUSIVE PLANS FOR 4 DAYS - 19 January, 2017

Dear Members!

We created 2 EXCLUSE plans which are only available in the next 4 days. 
700% plan - $100-$500 (100 days) - 700% PROFIT
800% plan - $500-$5000 (100 days) - 800% PROFIT

Don't miss this option and invest in one of these plans now!

Kind regards,
Mike B.


20% deposit bonus until 20th of January - 18 January, 2017

Dear Members!

All investors who invests to the monthly plans until 20th of January will receive deposit bonus.
5% bonus to the Monthly A,
10% bonus to the Monthly B, and
20% bonus to the Monthly C investors.

Kind regards,


5%-10% bonus! - 11 January, 2017

Dear Investors!

We've got new offers to active investors, who invests until 15th of January.
Every investor receive 5% deposit bonus, who invests to Monthly B plan and 10% bonus, who invests to Monthly C plan.

Invest now and earn extra income now.

Kind regards,
Mike B. 


New year offers - 01 January, 2017

Happy New Year to all Members!

All of our offers expired midnight, but we have new offers for you.
All $50+ investors, who place money to our Monthly plans, will receive
35% deposit bonus on 1st of January
30% deposit bonus on 2nd of January
25% deposit bonus on 3rd of January
20% deposit bonus on 4th of January
15% deposit bonus on 5th of January
10% deposit bonus on 6th of January
5% deposit bonus on 7th of January.

Don't forget, that our site still under construction, so before any investment, contact with us on to receive a payment address!

Mike B.


Extra bouns until 1st of January - 29 December, 2016

Dear Members!

We'd like to start the next year with real high amount of trading depoit, so we created a new offer for you.
Our actual offer is:
Monthly A ($5-$500) - 10%
Monthly B ($500-$3000) - 15%
Monthly C ($3000-$10000) - 20%

The first 3 member, who invest $100-$1000 to Monthly plans will receive an extra 10% bonus, 
and the first 3 who invest $1000 + to Monthly plans will receive an extra 20% bonus. 

Do the math! With $1000 investment you can make $1160 profit in a month.
Invest now and receive extra earnings for the next years starting!


Signup bonus to everyone - 27 December, 2016

Our design is new, our trading robot is faster, we're earning more, so everyone will receive a little gift.

Every member, who register until 1st of January 2017, will receive $5 signup bonus!

Invite your friends to register!

PS: The actual members also receive this $5 bonus.


Deposit bonuses - 25 December, 2016

Until 1st of January 2017 every investor will receive deposit bonuses for monthly plans:
Monthly A - 10%
Monthly B - 15%
Monthly C - 20%


New design - 25 December, 2016

Finaly we're ready with the new design. Our site is working, there is no error right now. We hope you like this new style.


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